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At Clinique Podiatrique de Chomedey in Laval, our podiatrists have all the skills to design comfortable and efficient orthotics. Orthotics are insoles placed in shoes to correct an abnormal or irregular gait. Orthotics will help you stand, walk and run more easily.

Podiatrists sometimes prescribe orthotics to correct an abnormal gait or limp, and also when a patient has undergone surgery. Orthotics come in different shapes and sizes and are made of various materials. There are 3 types of orthotics: those designed to correct foot function, those used to protect the foot and those that combine both functions.


Rigid Orthotics

A rigid orthotic is designed to control the foot and is generally composed of a firm material like plastic or carbon fiber. It is mainly designed to be slipped into a dress or walking shoe. Since this type of orthotic is molded, the podiatrist takes an impression of the foot using plaster or another type of imaging.

The rigid orthotic controls the movements of the two major joints of the foot that lie just below the ankle. This can improve or eliminate stiffness and pain in the legs, thighs and lower back.

Soft Orthotics

The soft orthotic generally absorbs shocks, promotes balance and reduces pressure on sensitive and uncomfortable areas. It is made of soft, padded material. Moreover, it is placed under the foot as an insole, from heel to forefoot including the toes. Like the rigid orthotic, it is molded after the podiatrist took an imprint of the foot with plaster or another type of imaging.

The soft orthotic is commonly prescribed for people who have foot deformities or diabetes or arthritis.

Semi-Rigid Orthotics

Semi-rigid orthotics provide better balance when walking or playing sports. Sometimes the nature of the sport requires a particular type of semi-rigid orthotic. In general, this type of orthotic is made of flexible material reinforced with more rigid materials.

Children with flat feet or who have gait problems to the inside or outside may have to wear orthotics. In addition, athletes often need orthotics to relieve pain while training or participate in competitions.

Although over-the-counter insoles can relieve some minor symptoms, they may not be as effective as prescription orthotics since they are designed for the average foot. For questions about orthotics, contact us!

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