We Treat Heel Pain in Laval

If you are experiencing foot pain, our staff at Clinique Podiatrique de Chomedey in Laval is there to advise you and provide you appropriate treatment. Please read the following descriptions to learn more about various foot problems.


Fasciitis (Heel Spurs)

Plantar fasciitis is often associated with inflammation of the foot. We are able to assess the pain in the arch and then we can prescribe custom made orthotics that you place in your shoes to reduce pain.

Fasciitis is caused by inflammation of tense connective tissues that originate at the base of the toes, which pass through the arch of the foot and attach to the heel bone. Also known as a heel spur, this problem can usually be treated with simple measures such as taking anti-inflammatory medications, applying ice, stretching, using orthotics and physical therapy.

Cracked Heels

A cracked heel is a painful condition that is sometimes associated with bleeding. One of its causes is wearing sandals or open heels. This causes the heel to move when walking and creates friction that causes the skin to thicken. The use of a moisturizer can help reduce the problem of dry skin associated with this problem.

Haglund’s Disease “Calcaneal Bursitis” or “Pump Bump”

Haglund’s disease is a painful swelling or bump behind the heel bone caused by friction with shoes.

In general, the symptoms are redness, pain and inflammation in the area behind the heel. Women are more likely to develop this problem than men as their heels rub against the rigid reinforcements on women’s shoes, which is the cause of the irritation.

Change shoes, soak your feet and take an anti-inflammatory to relieve pain. However, consult your podiatrist before taking medications.

Do not endure foot pain unnecessarily, ask a health professional at Clinique Prodiatrique de Chomedey to help you!

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